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Recorded, mastered and mixed by Markus Korte.
In our dark Cave in Münster.


released February 16, 2017




DISMALFUCKER Münster, Germany


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Track Name: Whistle while you get worked
This was made to obsess, then deprave/This was made to consume, not enjoy/This was made to shut up and behave/Painstakingly crafted to use and destroy
Divebomb through rock-bottom and what‘s underneath it/Humanitarian murderers and honest thieves/This engine can not last for long if we feed it exclusively with lighter fuel and dried leaves
This is a rehash of things you avoid/This is well-fed malnutrition/This was made not to burn, but explode/This is constant intermission/This a need you didn‘t know, but now you can‘t deny/This is where your childhood comes to overdose and die
On your knees behind the gardenshed/The executioner smirked/Whistle while you get worked
Track Name: Sex, Drugs and Self-Loathing
Today I awoke through feeling too weary/I think I got no more crimes to commit/The infants I spoke to say they‘re already getting too old for this shit
Parties are pointless when you‘re not running from something/Drinking is boring when you‘re not craving cheap thrills/Partying‘s pointless when you don‘t think you‘re disgusting/So I slice up my belly and fill it with pills
I must confess I gave all my fucks/Got bored after half of my rant/No need to impress in my skinner box/Where snorting my ashes feels lifeless and bland
Ludovico, feed me happy thoughts
Track Name: Soylent Majority
There is nothing left to worship/So we better get on with the purchase/My desires have the passion/Of a well-written algorithm
I want people that are pretty/I want drugs that make me happy/I want them at bargain price/On my doorstep/I want people that are happy/I want drugs that make me pretty/Mint condition would be nice/Cut out the crap
There is nothing left to purchase/So we better find something to worship/My desires have no passion/All needs come from an algorithm
Getting sweaty/Feeling guilty/Shafted gently/Out of pity
The fineprint is charmless/But should be respected/It‘s perfectly harmless/If used as directed
There are too many hardships in worship/So we better find something to purchase/My desires have no passion/All needs come from an algorithm
Track Name: King Livestock
King Livestock the expendable/King Livestock got lost in the spectacle/Like every cattle: when opened it stinks/His bloodline runs deep down slaughterhouse sinks
King Livestock the digestible/King Livestock: edible professional/Inbred perfection, immediate heir/One golden-calf steak, medium rare